Monday, January 11, 2010


Stretched to her full body length on top of the love seat with her monkey stuffy is a favorite past time of Lily when not running on the trails or doing agility.

Lily may be snoozing but she is still alert checking up on any action or noises in the room while draped across the top of the love seat.

A Lily portrait caught without Lily realizing the camera was pointing at her.

Snoozing by the fireplace sharing pet bed and warmth with Rose.

With more room on a pet bed Lily can use another one of her favorite toys, the Lion as her chin rest.

Ever so watchful Lily, keeping one eye opened so as not to miss any action.

Totally relaxed, Lily starts her weim soother action on the Lion.

Lily also likes to carry toys around in her mouth inviting you to play with her but not allowing you to take her toy away. Looking at the bulk/size of the plush Lion in her mouth makes my teeth ache. Lily must have a strong jaw and teeth to carry that Lion in her mouth! : )